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Author Topic: How to create a color address using coinprism API  (Read 1173 times)


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How to create a color address using coinprism API
« on: July 17, 2015, 02:29:08 pm »

I want create a new color address without using my account in coinprism.com, so to do, i have used the api for create an address(http://docs.coinprism.apiary.io/#reference/account-management/create-an-address/post?console=1).
The second step was to fund this address and for this i have used send bitcoin api (http://docs.coinprism.apiary.io/#reference/transaction-builder/send-bitcoins-to-one-or-more-address/post?console=1): this api work correctly in eclipse and in the api webside, but when i try to verify if the address created was credited or funded correctely in my coinprism account, i find no record of that transaction and the balance of my address is always zero. The same note was for issue colored coin api, it work in eclipse but no trace in my account coinprism.

the other problem witch i have found is that when i use the api for broadcast my transaction in the bitcoin Network (http://docs.coinprism.apiary.io/#reference/transaction-signing-and-broadcasting/sign-an-unsigned-raw-transaction/post?console=1) i have this message error:
status: 500
headers: {Server=[Microsoft-IIS/8.5], Cache-Control=[no-cache], Expires=[-1], Pragma=[no-cache], Content-Length=[36], Date=[Fri, 17 Jul 2015 13:28:43 GMT], Content-Type=[application/json; charset=utf-8]}
body:{"Message":"An error has occurred."}

Thak you for your help